Income-Generation Cooperatives

WE-ACTx’s income generation projects seek to address two major barriers in fostering health and wellness for Rwandan women, children and families struggling with HIV: poverty and lack of sufficient nutrition. For many of our patients, generating sufficient income to feed themselves and their families is an ongoing struggle—which can increase vulnerability to disease and negatively influence adherence to HIV treatment regimes.

Our three unique co-operatives draw on a system of collective decision-making and management to generate much-needed income for employees, and provide them with a community of mutual support and opportunities for continuing education.

Click below to view the imaginative, high-quality products of our co-ops:

INEZA (Kigali)
handmade bags, home décor items & accessories

EJO HAZAZA (Nyacyonga)
one-of-a-kind jewelry fashioned from fabric and handmade recycled glass beads

DUTETE (Kigali)


Manos de Madres is a non-profit organization dedicated to building pathways out of poverty by empowering women through craft-based initiatives founded on the principles of cooperation, creativity and sustainability. Manos de Madres supports and distributes the products of the WE-ACTx associated cooperatives.

Women's Equity in Access to Care & Treatment