10th Year Anniversary – Matched Donation Opportunity



December 1, 2014


Dear Friends,

This year WE-ACTx celebrates 10 years of high quality, comprehensive and innovative care for women and children with HIV, and their families. Hundreds of supporters in Kigali in June, Chicago in October, and Boston in November joined together to acknowledge this anniversary and a decade of accomplishments made possible in large part by your consistent and dedicated support.

WE-ACTx has not only proven itself to be long lasting and sustainable, it has continually responded to the changing needs of 3000 patients by listening and responding to the patients and their advocates. With your help, WE-ACTx survived and grew over the past decade and:

  • provided urgently needed HIV detection by voluntary counseling and testing (2004)
  • evaluated and quickly started nearly 2000 women on antiretroviral medications (2005)
  • prioritized securing food for those who had none and became hungry as a result of their appetite returning once feeling better after starting their medications (2005)
  • initiated program for testing and care for children (2006)
  • began patient-staffed income generation programs (2006)
  • sponsored an individual and group counseling program to address mental health concerns, stigma, and violence (2007)
  • supported weekly Sunday children’s groups for hundreds of youth with HIV (2007)
  • sponsored first summer camp for children (2008)
  • initiated peer parent youth leadership program (2009)
  • added comprehensive contraceptive services to primary HIV care (2010)
  • supported expanded income generation programs (2011)
  • brought music therapy (in collaboration with Musicians without Borders) to women and youth and used direct observation therapy to increase adherence to antiretroviral medications (2012)
  • began NIH -funded study to increase adherence to antiretroviral medications in Rwandan youth (2013)
  • graduated young mothers from a literacy program (2014)

Currently, 45 Rwandese staff the two clinics and ancillary programs managed by WE-ACTx For Hope, our sister organization which is fully responsible for all activities in Kigali. They work closely with the Rwandan public health department and other grass roots organizations to deliver the most comprehensive HIV care in the country.

WE-ACTx has been especially lucky this year. Over $32,000 has been raised in honor of the marriages of my children, Davida (to Sim) and Eugene (to Hima). We thank family and friends for this show of love and support for those in need in Kigali. The funds will be dedicated to support 1) a more comprehensive music therapy program, including individual therapy for disabled youth and non-adherent youth, twice monthly therapy for the Young Mother’s Group, and efforts to employ young adult patients who have been trained as music youth leaders and 2) school fees for disabled infected patients requiring private facilities. These special projects would not have been initiated without the influx of these donations.

We are also delighted to tell you that an anonymous donor has pledged to match up to $50,000 raised from this end of year appeal in honor of WE-ACTx’s 10 years. We need your continued generosity to maintain all of our programs and address new challenges faced by the women and children and their families we serve.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support.

With gratitude,


Mardge Cohen

Medical Director, WE-ACTx


Help us reach our end of year matching pledge by donating

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